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The Portland population just keeps growing — don’t you want to live here too?! When you’re looking for a realtor to help you find a home in Southeast Portland, choose the team at Metro PDX. Together, we have decades of experience buying and selling homes, and we can help you when you’re shopping for homes for sale in Southeast Portland.


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Southeast Portland — What’s Not to Love?

If you are looking for property for sale in Southeast Portland but you have not yet visited the area, you should know that it’s jam-packed with the kind of places everyone thinks of when they think of Portland: trendy boutiques, specialty restaurants, hip concert venues and art galleries — we could go on and on. Everyone wants to live here. So how can you buy a home in Southeast Portland? The best way is with the help of the realtors at Metro PDX.

Regardless of what type of real estate in Southeast Portland you’re looking for, we have listings.

  • Single-family homes: From tiny houses to sprawling mansions, our real estate agents have tons of listings for single-family homes in Southeast Portland. You’ll be sure to find something you love.
  • Multi-family homes: Whether you’re interested in a duplex, complex or apartment building, the realtors at Metro PDX have options for you. Invest in a multi-family home and earn passive income!
  • Townhouses: Get all the space you need without all the hassle. A townhome offers low-maintenance landscaping, an instant community and affordable pricing.
  • Condominiums: Don’t want all the annoyances that come with homeownership, such as shoveling snow, mowing the lawn and getting the gutters cleaned? A condominium might be just what you’re looking for. Our real estate agents can help you.
  • Commercial property: Nailing down a hot piece of commercial property in Southeast Portland can be the reason for your business’s success. Our realtors will show you some properties in the perfect neighborhood for you.
  • Land: When you know exactly what you want, that’s the time to buy a piece of land in Southeast Portland and build your own home to your personal specifications. Nothing is more satisfying.

From <$100K to >$5M

The real estate agents at Metro PDX have home listings at all price points. You may be surprised to know you can buy a home in Southeast Portland for under $100,000. Are you on board with the tiny house craze? You can find one here. They’re so adorable and economical — perfect for a single homeowner, or a couple who embraces the minimalist lifestyle.

Are you a talented DIY-er? You can nab a solid fixer-upper in a great neighborhood. You get the satisfaction of rehabbing a distressed property, plus you can sell it later for a tidy profit.

On the other hand, if you’re looking a $1M-plus real estate listings in Southeastern Portland, you’ll find hundreds. Look through the beautiful homes with swimming pools, amazing architecture and so many eye-catching features.

Property for Sale in Southeast Portland

Maybe you’re looking for a nice piece of land to build the home of your dreams on. We have listings for that, too. After all, why buy a home that was built to someone else’s tastes when you could have exactly what you want?

We have listings for both large and small plots, some with tremendous views! Whether you’re looking for cleared land or land with mature trees, rely on the best realtor in Southeast Portland to help you find exactly what you want.

Real Estate in Southeast Portland

Right now, it’s still a seller’s market. That’s important information to have when you’re looking at homes for sale. If it’s a buyer’s market, buyers can drag their feet and lowball their offers. In a seller’s market, you have to move quickly and maybe even bid more than the seller has asked for in order to get a shot at buying a home in Southeast Portland.

This is the time you want to work with an experienced realtor. It can be frustrating to lose out on every home you bid on. We can work with you and offer helpful advice to improve your results.

Here at Metro PDX, we’re more than real estate agents in Southeast Portland. We’re your longtime friends and neighbors who have lived in this community ourselves for many years. We know the area, the people and the quirks of each individual neighborhood. When you’re looking for someone to guide you, you want to choose the person who knows the way the best. You want the realtors at Metro PDX helping you buy a home in Southeast Portland.


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